What is the purpose of blinking

Lumen Yang Lv3

It might be interesting to ask the question, why do we blink? Blink episode of the RadioLab dive into this question and the result is very much unexpected.

My takeaways:

  1. Our blink rate doesn’t change in humid (sona room) or dry environment, indicates that its function is not moisting.
  2. People watching movie would blink synchronized and those synchronized blinks take place usually at the the conclusion of an action or a scene. Blink serves as a punctuation of mind to chunk the information.
  3. Every minute you have on average 6 seconds blinking, meaning in a 2 hours movie you have 15 mins in darkness. Yet you don’t feel the darkness because your brain has processed the darkness out. But still, you have a significant part of your whole life in darkness albeit unaware.

This is so damn interesting to learn!

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