Greetings! Welcome to Lumen’s Space, my personal blog crafted with Hexo. I’ve found immense joy and simplicity in the workflow of Obsidian and Hexo, which has led me to transition from my original WordPress blog to here. Now I’m pretty satisfied on every aspect of this blogging platform and it might be with me for many more years.

Site History

As of 04-01-24, this site has been successfully built. Despite setting it up lead me to the weirdest problem when using docker, the end result is indeed rewarding.

About me

I am Lumen, a current Master’s student at the Technical University of Munich. I’m an avid Open Source enthusiast. I have a passion for Linux, Vim, self-hosting, Robotics, Deep Learning and more — all elements that spark my intellectual curiosity.

Being a thinker with a less-than-stellar memory, I love note-taking that allows me to build upon and articulate concepts that initially elude my understanding. Sharing these insights on my personal blog serves a dual purpose: it satiates my desire to share knowledge and simultaneously motivates me to write more.

Living in this modern era is a paradox of fortune and misfortune. We revel in the abundant material wealth of our world, yet we are humbled by the vast and intricate structures that govern our lives — corporations, governments, and human societies. These entities dominates both the physical world and the internet, making it seemingly difficult for an ordinary individual to leave a mark amidst these colossal players.

However, this blog represents my attempt to make a difference, to carve out a space for my voice. By sharing my thoughts with the world, I hope to contribute in ways I may not yet fully understand. Despite the grandeur of the world’s stage, every voice, including mine, has the potential to echo and influence in ways we cannot always predict.